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3 Steps To Successfully Building a Team In Any Program

 Any x-by-y matrix scheme has one major
disadvantage as well as one major benefit.

3 Steps To Successfully Building a Team In Any Program
3 Steps To Successfully Building a Team In Any Program

Any x-by-y matrix plan has one major disadvantage,

but it also offers one major benefit.

The biggest danger is that others in your downline may

believe they don't need to advance and will simply wait for

your spillover.

The biggest benefit: Even so, if you and the members of

your team understands that they shouldn't just wait for it

to happen, it's a terrific method to quickly establish a deep


To create a successful team, you must adhere to and

implement the following 3 steps:

 1- Locate two persons... It doesn't really matter if it is
     a forced matrix, like 2x15, or wider. If the matrix is
     more than two levels wide, or even infinitely wide, I advise
     starting with two levels and expanding once your team has
     been fully assembled at least four levels deep.

2- After that, develop a relationship with them, and instruct
    them in these 3 simple steps, and inspire them to go out
    and locate 2 individuals of their own.

3- Next, inspire your two people to inspire their two people
    to likewise inspire their two people to find two people, etc.

This, in my opinion, is a much superior strategy for creating

a productive team. And instead of mass promoting in the

hopes that a select few of the many you support would

form a team on their own, inspire others to inspire others

in order to form the team all the way down.

If you mass promote, you might be able to create a sizable

downline at first, but since there won't be any connection,

it will also disintegrate quickly.

If you or a member of your team has a large email list to

contact, you or they might inform everyone that you are

only searching for two leaders. Request a response from

them via email that explains "why" you should pick them up.

Select the top two, and then proceed with step 2 to

relocate one of them.

Additionally, if a downline member is having trouble and,

despite their best efforts, is unable to find two on their

own—for instance, because of a shortage of people they

are familiar with—you might send out such a communication

on their behalf.

Talking to people you already know via chat initially is the

main strategy that works best. those with whom we are

already acquainted.

If that doesn't produce your two leaders, you could employ

the mailing strategy I previously mentioned to find them.

But what should you say in the chat or in the email you

send to people asking them to find your two leaders?

Now is the time for you to complete your homework.

Examine the program you want to create a winning

team for in great detail. Answer the following

questions for yourself:

1. What kind of goods or services does this program


2. What are the key advantages that the consumer

    will receive from the product or service?

3. What distinguishes the good or service from those

     provided by the rivals?

4. What is the price of the good or service?

5. How does the compensation scheme for the goods


6. What is required to achieve profitability and break


You noticed that I brought up all monetary things in the

conclusion, right? Yes, I did intentionally rank the list

above by priority.

When you respond to those questions for yourself, always

remember to address the most fundamental query that

everyone has, which is:

What do I get out of it? Additionally known as WIIFM.

You can locate your two leaders with ease if you learn

how to respond to that question.

By the way, your homework assignment has a shortcut.

Ask your sponsor to respond to the six questions listed above,

and then verify the accuracy and consistency of their

responses with your own assessment of the program.

As you work with your sponsor to get the answers,

it can both save you time and improve your relationship

with him.

Advice: There are countless programs available online,

and many people—including myself—are prone to

joining too many at once. Always, it appears like

the grass is greener on the other side.

I currently adhere to the following principle: Before you

even think about joining one new program, make money

with two existing ones (i.e., be profitable). And I advise

you to follow my advice.


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