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Jungle Scout Review and Pricing 2023 (what is jungle scout?)

Jungle Scout Review and Pricing 2023 (what is jungle scout?)

Jungle Scout is a powerful online tool for Amazon sellers. 

Sellers provide With accurate, real-time data about products, prices, and trends

in the shop. 

With Jungle Scout's extensive feature set, it's easy To research and find profitable products, track competitors, and gain insights It can help increase sales. the extensive feature set, it's easy To research and find profitable products, track competitors, and gain insights

It can help increase sales.

The main feature of Jungle Scout is product tracking.  Powerful algorithm

 It updates product information in real time while providing the most information on Updated prices and sales trends.

This helps sellers identify more profitable products and stay ahead of the competition.

Jungle Scout also features a suite of tools to help users find even more products.

Its reverse ASIN search, for example, helps users discover products related to the ones they’re selling.

Overall, Jungle Scout is an invaluable tool for Amazon sellers. It’s easy to use, with powerful features that can help sellers make informed decisions.

Want to get started selling on Amazon but aren’t sure about investing in Jungle Scout?

In this Jungle Scout review for 2023, I cover everything you need to know

with UP-TO-DATE info. Most reviews haven’t been updated to reflect

changes. One even showed the price as 3x higher than it really was…

Jungle Scout has been a game-changer and helped me build successful

stores, but it might help you. Dig into this guide and make that decision

for yourself!

It’s a jungle out there, use this review as your MACHETE! (Too much?…)

What I Cover in My Jungle Scout Review?

I’m an Amazon FBA and I had a ton of fun writing this review.

I think you’ll love reading it and visualizing all the ways to find exciting,

profitable product opportunities.

In this Jungle Scout review, I cover:

  • What is Jungle Scout (And Why Do You Need it?)
  • Features: Niche Hunter, Opportunity Score, Sales Estimator, etc.
  • Usability: My thoughts on UX.
  • Customer Service: I’ve never had a bad experience with reps.
  • Pricing: “Cash rules everything around me”
  • Alternatives: Jungle Scout might not be the best tool for you. I’ll cover a few alternatives that might appeal to you.
  • WARNING: There’s a lot of noise out there, and people are always trying to pull you in different directions. Some completely smear JS’s name and say it’s inaccurate or overpriced. Others totally over-exaggerate its capabilities just to sell it to you. Read everything here and make that decision for yourself.

What is Jungle Scout, Why do You Need it, Etc?

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that helps you find winning products, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors all from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Basically, it instantly shows you what products will be the most profitable and easiest to grow your business with.

It was founded by Greg Mercer in 2014, the year that marks the divide between the Amazon research “Dark Ages” and the modern “Renaissance.”

Why You Need Jungle Scout?

Believe it or not, people were actually Selling products in the prehistoric era referred to as pre-JungleScout.

Aside from competing for land and food with giant reptiles, during these times Amazon geeks like me had to manually research everything by digging for products, analyzing competitors, and creating libraries of spreadsheets with what little data we had access to.

Instead of spending hours and hours doing that yourself and relying on your gut feeling (which I still love), Jungle Scout does it for you instantly.

Also, product research is the single most important factor for success, and competition is increasing by the day. If you choose a garbage product, you will fail no matter how brilliant you are. The competition is insane these days.

Over 1 million New Sellers joined last year alone. That’s a ton of competition. You have NO CHANCE if you don’t choose a unique, profitable, in-demand product.

Did You Know?: Amazon did over 238 BILLION in sales last year? That’s more than the GDP of Portugal!.

Jungle Scout Features?

Overview of Jungle Scout Features
If creating a successful Amazon FBA store were a sport, it would be a combination 
of a 400-meter sprint and a full marathon.

Profitability is a long-term game, and you need to be super patient. But in the short-term, speed and power win out. That’s the whole idea behind Jungle Scout: saving time in the short term while setting you up for long-term success.

… or at least that’s what the company claims.

I don’t want to make a major claim here, but there’s a reason that Jungle Scout is considered “the Amazon research tool” and why every other tool gets compared to it.

Let’s cover some of the features and how they help you:

jungle scout Niche Hunter:

As a product research geek, Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter is my favorite part of the web app. It lets you identify profitable niche ideas, products, and keywords based on parameters like:

jungle scout Product Category: Self-explanatory:

Competition: A score of 1-10 with 1 being the least competitive and 10 being gadget accessories. A score of 1 usually means a low review count and a good chance to rank on page 1.

jungle scout Listing Quality Score (LQS):

Amazon SEO is a thing and there’s a specific way to optimize listings to rank higher. LQS is a measure of how well the listings in each niche are optimized.

jungle scout Average Price:

Pretty self-explanatory. I use this to gauge whether or not my intended retail price has any
chance of working. If the average price is $8, I doubt selling for $25-$30 would work.

jungle scout Opportunity Score:

This is a general score based on all the factors. If it’s high, then it’s a great opportunity (in theory).

You set the parameters and it spits back at you a list of cool niches and keyword ideas to explore. From there, you can dig deeper into the data to see information about the most popular products in each niche. That will help you get a better feeling for how prof.

Conclusion: Review of Jungle Scout (2023)

Jungle Scout is a fantastic FBA seller tool in my opinion, and it's arguably the best purchase you can make for your Amazon business.

I've found the accuracy to be pretty good so far, and I've used the data substantially to develop my Amazon selling approach. The Advertising Analytics tool is excellent, as are the options for product research. Aside from a few minor hiccups, I have never experienced any problems with either the online app or the chrome extension.

I can't pretend there haven't been hiccups with Jungle Scout, either. There are flaws in the keyword research tool. Furthermore, the depth of the product portfolio analysis is lacking. Additionally, the costs are expensive and deter new customers, while the lack of a free trial only makes matters worse.

Nevertheless, it is unquestionably worthwhile given the amount of data it provides in terms of product research, price trends, sales projections, etc. Jungle Scout is therefore unquestionably vital if you want to develop as an Amazon vendor.

Jungle Scout FAQs?

Is Jungle Scout available for a free trial?

No, a free trial is not available for Jungle Scout. However, Jungle Scout does have a seven-day money-back guarantee. They will return your money without any hassles if you cancel your order within seven days.

Is Jungle Scout on sale?

Yes, Jungle Scout gives its annual plans a 55% discount, and they also offer bundle deals that can help you save up to $1,500 on the Freedom Builder Bootcamp plan.

Which markets are Jungle Scout compatible with?

Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United Kingdom are all fully supported by Jungle Scout.  Although some of its functions are restricted there, it also supports the US market.


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